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Dwarves were many and varied in the Days before Days, though generally, as a people, they are short of stature, stout, and strong. Their skin is thick and tough, built for extreme temperatures. They sport thick beards, smaller eyes, and full, round faces. They are thick-limbed and have large hands and feet. The dwarves hold one overriding religious belief, and that is they owe a debt to their creator. Only through action and deeds can that debt be repaid. It is for this reason that there are few evil dwarves and many of their people, if not all, are very skilled craftsmen. It is important to note that a dwarven paladin's deeds speak as loudly as a smith's creations, so that one may repay his debt on the battlefield while another repays it on the forge.


Humans did not take to the teaching of the All Father, but rather divested themselves in the worship of Mordius. They were generally taller, though not as great as their giant kin, nor as stout as their dwarven cousins. They migrated to all corners of the world. Eventually these peoples became numerous and distant from their ancestors, and few, if any, realize their origins. The humans settled in far more climes than the dwarves, almost as many as the giants. They are hearty and versatile, adapting to their new homes where ever they lay. Early in their history they divided, moving to different locales, and have ever since been associated with 13 tribes, or divisions: six large and seven smaller, each very different from the other. They all speak their own languages and worship a diverse number of local deities and their customs and clothing is as diverse as one can imagine. It should be noted that many worship the same deities, but the names, faces, and religious symbols are different.


When the All Father breathed life into the dwarves upon God's Forge, his breath spilled out upon the discarded giants, so life came to them. They were many and varied, some taller than others, some wider, and so on. Many wandered away into the wilds and these spread far and wide and they were the first of the Faulerde to see the world. Some, though, stayed and listened to the All Father teach the dwarves the Language of Creation. Others turned to others of the Val Eahrakun and from them learned different skills.

There are many types of giants, the better known are cloud giants, frost giants, fire giants, stone giants and storm giants.


During the Winter Dark they were hunted mercilessly by the agents of the Horned God, mostly for sport. So great was the genocide that few survived into the new era and they became an oddity, fierce and battle-hardened. They have since recovered and some few have settled again in the cities of man, reverting to their old habits of comfort and ease, but many have taken a suspicious stance to the other peoples and interact only when they must. Larger than their civilized cousins, nomadic halflings average three and a half to four and a half feet tall and weigh 50 to 70 pounds. Their skin is tanned, and their eyes are typically brown or black, but sometimes green. They wear their dark hair long, sometimes in braids or tails. Facial hair is very rare. They tend toward light dress of simple and practical design, and prefer not to wear footwear.


Long after the dwarven kingdoms were founded, the physical form of the All Father ceased to be, and his mind opened upon the world of Aihrde. And gates to other realms were laid bare. Thus it was with the Land of Seven Rivers, Shindolay, where dwelt the elves. A realm born of his dreams, Shindolay had long housed the elven folk. They came of the same thoughts and design that had created Wenafar in the deeps of the Void, long before the world came to be. There a many elves, from the High Elf peoples of Shindolay and Fontenouq to the Mist Elves, Twilight Elves, Wood Elves and Wild Elves. They speak their own languages and have customs that are often alien to man and dwarf.

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