The cosmology of Aihrde consists of several complex, interwoven planes. Surrounding all is the Void. Within the Void spins the many planes of the Firmament, and where they collide lies the great cloud of matter, the Maelstrom. At the heart of the Maelstrom lies the Material Plane, Aihrde, itself surrounded by the Wall of Worlds. Within all this is the inner world of Inzae. Through all this flows the Arc of Time, which begins in the Void and ends in the Endless Pools, Stone Fields, the Shadow Realms and other lesser domains. Beyond the Pools lie the Wretched Planes and the Stone Fields. The Eahrtaut, the Living Tree, stands in the Material Plane, but its branches and roots grow into and through all the planes. The Net of Ea-Raena lies over all. Intersecting these many planes lie the multi-verse, both a part of and apart from them all. Lying over all, like a morning’s fog, is the Dreaming.


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