Aihrde Climate


Aihrdian Climate

Weather Aihrde is a lively, active world with a wide variety of regional climates, from the tropical moist of Inklu-Naid to the Boreal Forests of northern Aenoch, to the moist continental of the lands of Ursal to the dry tropical of the Nabian Deserts. Here local flora and fauna thrives; dwarves, men, elves and others live out their lives, monsters hunt the unwary, and gods play. Each of these biomes possess local climatic conditions peculiar to their latitude, proximity to the deep waters or frozen ice caps, wind conditions, physical geography and all the myriad factors that make up regional climates.

In general Aihrde is a moist world, that enjoys a great deal of precipitation, both in the form of rain and snow. For all the Long Centuries the world lay bound in an age of ice and winter and the residual affects of Unklar’s rule remain.


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