Aihrde Chronology


Aihrde Chronology

Calendar reckoning The standard calendar year is that of the Millennial (Dark) Age (as begun by the Dark God Unklar). The current year is 1197md. There are, however, four calendars of reckoning, Dwarf, Elf, Olden Year and Millennial. All campaign dates are given in md.

Conversion chart:
Millennial Age (md): 1
Olden Year (oy): 800
Dwarf Year (df): 12188
Elven Year (ey): 3452

To arrive at the Olden Year, add 800 to the present md. For Dwarf year add 12188, and for Elven year 3452. A History will read: In 1129md (13317df; 1929oy; 4581ey) the Dwarves of Grundliche Hohle made peace with the 47 clans of Gnomes.


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